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.:| Latest News |:.

.:| June 24

Uploaded the Nationals Subsidy form on the Competitors page.


.:| June 18

Uploaded the courses from Regionals on the results page along with an updated Spec/Vet aggregate due to some dogs moving around in placement.


.:| June 12

Uploaded the Individual round results along with the Warmup Trial results plus teh addition of a missing Special Award winner and a few missing Sponsors.


.:| June 11

Uploaded the Aggregates & posted the Steeplechase Finals to the Results page along with posting the Special Award winners to the Awards page.


.:| June 6

Since some people didn't read their confirmation nor the premium list I've posted directions to Chinook Dog Centre under the Venue page along with adding some more Sponsors. 1 more day till the Games begin!!!


.:| May 30

Updated the groups listing along with adding the ring running order on the Competitors page. Also added some new Sponsors.


.:| May 23

Updated the Competitors page with the Groups listing, Warm-up Trial gatesheets, and Regionals running orders for all groups. Also added some new Vendors & Sponsors.


.:| May 22

Updated the schedule to reflect new times for both the warm up trial and Regionals. Please remember that this is a tentative schedule.


.:| May 6

Final list of all entries is now available on the Competitors page. Check it out to see who you will be competing with side by side. While you're at it check out the promotional video found on the home page. Let the Games Begin!


.:| May 2

More entries are now on the Competitors page.


.:| April 30

Latest batch of entries is now on the Competitors page.


.:| April 27

More entries were added to the Competitors page.


.:| April 26

Another 50+ entries are now listed on the Competitors page along with a new Award and Sponsors.


.:| April 22

More updates including the latest batch of entries on the Competitors page, new Award, Vendor, and Sponsors.


.:| April 11

A ton of updates today including more entries listed on the Competitors page, new Vendors & Sponsors, plus more Awards were added to the site.


.:| March 27

A huge batch of entries have been received and are listed on the Competitors page plus a new Vendor was added to the site.


.:| March 13

Added more entries to the Competitors page and a new Sponsor.


.:| March 6

Updated the information for the photographer on the Services page along with adding some more entries to the Competitors page and a new Award.


.:| February 27

Added received entry information to the Competitors page. Please give us a week or two before emailing Brandy if you don't see your number listed. She's a very busy girl.


.:| February 18

Uploaded the Regionals Premium and Warm Up Trial Premium on the Competitors page.


.:| February 13

Updated the Merchandise page with info about this year's Regionals shirt. Added another Award and Sponsor. Updated some information on the Accommodations page.


.:| February 9

Posted information about some of the Services being offered and added another Award.


.:| January 25

Added our first Sponsor.


.:| January 20

Posted information about Volunteering.


.:| January 11

Posted Dawn Hubrick's bio on the Judges page.


.:| January 8

Posted our first two vendors on the Vendors page.


.:| January 7

More special awards & prizes have been posted along with information about becoming a Vendor.


.:| January 3

Tentative schedule of events has been posted. Information about special awards & prizes has been posted along with a current list of awards being offered.


.:| December 12

Info about Sponsorship is now available. If you are interested or know of someone who is please send them to the page.


.:| December 8

Accomodation information is now available.


.:| November 26

The Regionals website is now converted over for the 2013 event. Check back often to this page for the most current news, additions, and changes. Help spread the word by Liking our Facebook page.

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